consistent and reproducible IHC

Immunohistochemistry has become an increasingly valuable and important tool within preclinical and clinical research, particularly in the development of immunotherapies.

To generate meaningful study data that can be relied upon, we appreciate the importance of producing staining results that are consistent, sensitive and reproducible.

Propath’s key success factors for consistent, high quality IHC:

IHC is a complex, multi-parameter staining technique applied across fresh frozen and fixed paraffin embedded tissues and, as a result, developing an optimum staining protocol is seldom straightforward.

Through our experience we have formed the view that high quality IHC with strong signal intensity and low background staining can only be achieved by paying careful attention to the following factors:

Thorough and thoughtful experimental design at the outset
Careful tissue handling and optimum fixation – always avoiding over fixation
Use of high quality reagents and materials
Careful selection of detection strategy
Precise control of the entire staining method including heat induced antigen retrieval, primary and secondary antibody titre and incubation times
Use of appropriate positive and negative controls in all staining runs
A meticulous approach to troubleshooting when challenges arise
Confirmation of a robust method before moving to experimental samples

This is Propath’s approach to ensuring the best possible outcomes for its sponsors.


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The team at Propath has over 15 years of experience in designing and validating IHC and ISH assays for bio distribution, tissue cross-reactivity, efficacy, pharmacodynamics and toxicity studies.  During this period the team has worked with a broad range of biomarkers and antibody structures, and developed a range of strategies to overcome common technical challenges.


Automated and manual IHC staining

Whether developing an IHC method for a proprietary antibody clone or staining specimens from a large scale clinical trial; Propath has the resources, knowledge and experience to ensure your study is as successful as possible.

We offer both automated and manual staining techniques. Our equipment includes the Roche Ventana Discovery Ultra and XT platforms – the current 'gold standard' for IHC: recognised for providing high quality, consistent and reproducible staining outcomes.

All IHC is conducted onsite by experienced scientists within our fully GLP and GCP compliant environment, providing Propath clients further confidence in our standards of quality assurance.


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