High definition brightfield and fluorescent Whole slide scanning

Propath offers a rapid, high-throughput slide scanning service for all clinical and non-clinical applications. The advanced NanoZoomer whole slide scanning system used by Propath provides digital images of the highest available sensitivity and definition, and can be used for any tissue and any stain, including H&E and IHC at up to 40x magnification.  

Propath also offers fluorescent whole slide scanning, utilising its Leica DM6000 fluorescent scanning system.


Key points

High definition digital images with superb morphological and staining detail at up to 40x objective
The highest available quality and sensitivity using the advanced Japanese NanoZoomer scanning platform
Whole slide fluorescent scanning using the Leica DM6000 scanning system
Enables powerful image analysis, data capture and immediate sharing of images amongst colleagues
Intuitive image viewing software available to download at no charge


Applications of digital pathology 

Digital scanning provides excellent morphological and staining detail, comparable to original glass slides.   

Key benefits of whole slide imaging include: 

Immediate sharing of images amongst colleagues and peer reviewers
Ability to accurately quantify cellular and tissue features using image analysis software
Creation of whole slide images without stitching artifacts – compared with microscope based systems
Ability to annotate and comment on features of interest
Reliable measurement of distances and surfaces
Production of high resolution images for regulatory submissions, papers and conferences
Loss free electronic archiving in searchable folders

To discuss your specific slide scanning requirements or to enquire about pricing please contact us.


High-throughput microscope slide scanning service 

The process for arranging slide scanning at Propath is fast and straightforward. 

Send us details of your requirements – we’ll send a quote back the same day
Send us your slides by registered mail or courier  
Slides will be scanned within 1-3 working days with each scan being individually QC checked 
Images will be saved to a portable hard drive or USB memory stick and dispatched by courier

Charges vary according to the number of slides and the required objective (20x or 40x) – lower rates apply for larger volumes.  

Dynamic focusing on a range of depths across a tissue section leads to sharper, higher quality images

Dynamic focusing on a range of depths across a tissue section leads to sharper, higher quality images


Advanced Japanese photonics technology 

The Hamamatsu NanoZoomer is recognised for providing the highest possible sensitivity and definition of digital images. Designed by one of the most advanced photonics companies in Japan, the NanoZoomer incorporates several sophisticated features, including:

Dynamic focussing: the NanoZoomer dynamically focuses on different depths across the surface of  a specimen using its unique Z-Stack feature. This is especially important for 3D structures such as clumps of cells and thick tissues and produces outstanding results.
Accurate colour reproduction: the Nanozoomer is equipped with a 3-chip Time Delay Integration camera to observe minute variations in the colour of a sample, resulting in highly accurate colour reproduction. 
High sensitivity image capture: the Nanozoomer employs an effective line scanning approach that enables high throughput scanning without loss of sensitivity.

Digital pathology viewing software – 
provided with all scanned slides at no charge 

To enable viewing and annotation of slide images, Hamamatsu provides an image viewer compatible with both PCs and Macs, available to download at no charge

The NanoZoomer Digital Pathology (NDP) viewer has a highly intuitive user interface that requires minimal learning effort.

Key features include:

  • Smooth and quick navigation of slides, with a feel similar to that of a standard optical microscope
  • Stepless zoom in and out of images to obtain the desired scale
  • Quick and reliable measurements of distances and surfaces
  • Annotation and commenting on features of interest
  • Ability to view multiple slides on the same screen simultaneously



The software also enables synchronised viewing via the Internet of images from different locations – ideal for slide conferences, seminars and educational purposes. 

Propath provides a free copy of the Nanozoomer Digital Pathology viewer with all scanned slides.